Welcome to the online galleries of Colorado-based nature and landscape photographer Jennifer Renwick. Here you'll find her photo galleries, fine art nature prints for purchase, photography education resources, photo projects, and writings. Jennifer is known for her thoughtful, slower, and expressive approach to nature photography, and here you'll find the result of many years of cherished interactions and connections with the natural world as told through her lens, her eyes, and her heart.

Thank you for stopping by! Nature always provides me a peaceful escape from the hectic world, and I hope you can feel the same while looking at my imagery. I strive to tell the stories and share moments from nature that resonate and provide respite from the stresses of day to day life. Enjoy, and thank you for your support.

"I explore the landscape to connect with Nature, and I observe the details and moments from behind my lens to create, share, and celebrate this amazing planet we are fortunate to call home."

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