Photography projects are a compelling way for me to share the stories of my observations and interactions with the natural world. I enjoy curating these projects because sometimes one image isn't quite enough to share the whole story. Photography projects keep me inspired and thinking and allow me the creative freedom to experiment with different techniques and subjects. I enjoy visual storytelling, and a collection of images tell a more complete and collective story.

I always have a project brewing, and below you'll find previous projects that I have curated over the years, along with the written story behind each project. My very first project was my "Morning with Dolphins" project, which featured black and white imagery of wild dolphins. From there, I continued to create others. Some of these are finished projects, and some I will continue to add imagery to the project. I've had the honor of having a few projects below published in the Lenswork, "Seeing in Sixes" books. Creating projects for this publication introduced me to and fueled my passion for creating photography projects, and I'll be forever grateful they allowed me a new and inspiring way to work with my craft.