Jennifer enjoys teaching and sharing her stories and the lessons she's learned as a full-time professional Nature photographer. Jennifer's approach to teaching combines her enthusiasm and curiosity of the natural world, along with her passion for Nature photography. Jennifer has spoken and taught at several camera clubs and photography conferences (you can see past experiences here). She presents on educational topics, along with inspirational themed subjects. Her approach as a teacher is based on these concepts:

  • Photographing with your heart and exploring subjects you're passionate about
  • Following and photographing according to you're own creative vision and journey
  • Creating compelling compositions, from the abstract scenes to smaller scenes and the grander landscapes
  • How to be a visual storyteller and share stories from each landscape
  • Using a slower approach to Nature photography to connect with different types of landscapes
  • Using expressive photography for a more personal approach

If you are interested in inviting Jennifer to speak and teach in person or online (using Zoom or another platform) at your camera club, photography conference, or another meeting, you can contact her here.

Jennifer's Presentation Topics

  • Taking the Slow Approach: Using Slow Photography to Create Impactful Nature Photos
  • From Ordinary to Extraordinary: Photographing Natural Abstracts
  • Dynamic Dunes: Exploring Techniques for Compelling Sand Dune Photography
  • Don't Get the "Blues" Over Blue Skies: How To Be Creative Without Clouds
  • Don't Put That Camera Away Yet!: Tips and Techniques for Photographing Blue Hour
  • Your Heart, Your Art: Sharing Your Photographic Voice
  • A Landscape is Worth 1000 Stories: Becoming A Better Visual Storyteller With Your Imagery
  • The Power of Photography Projects: Creating Stories With Photos
  • 10 Things I've learned as a Nature Photographer: Lessons and Musings From My Photographic Journey
  • Finding Smaller Stories in a Larger Landscape: Techniques for Small Scene Photography
  • Exploring, Connecting and Creating: Finding and Following My Photographic Path
  • Learning to Live Again in Death Valley: How I Found Myself Again Through Photography
  • Land of Living Art: Photographing Yellowstone's Dynamic Landscapes
  • And any other topics you might have in mind! I'm open to suggestions if there is something you'd like to hear me teach or speak about if you don't see it on this list!