Yellowstone abstracts

I went to Yellowstone National Park this past fall on a mission to showcase the amazing and colorful world of Yellowstone's geothermal features. This park is known for the geysers, pools and springs that create the iconic scenes in this vast wilderness that everyone is familiar with. As beautiful as these scenes are, I was going for a bit of a  different and abstract take. Under the steam, in the pools and under the shallow running springs, there is a whole other-worldly landscape to be found. Colorful heat-loving bacteria thrive in this harsh, acidic and very hot environment. Their colors and features take the mind into what seems to be another universe, and leaves the viewer wondering what exactly each of these small scenes are. Even in these harsh conditions, life finds a way. I wanted to capture the details, colors and designs that have evolved over thousands of years to create these small and abstract scenes. I've had a vision to go capture this with my camera for a few years. That opportunity came this fall, and I spent four days capturing this gallery. Everything was captured from the boardwalks around the various geyser basins.