Spirits In The Badlands (2019)

Last winter, a layer of fog blanketed Death Valley one morning after a night of cold rain. I went for a walk around the badlands as the sun was starting to burn it off. The swirling fog created an experience for the senses. Familiar corridors turned into mysterious portals, ridges had steam rising like dragon's breath, and there was an eerie stillness to the landscape.

For a few hours, the landscape transformed into a mystical world. The fog formed delicate, fleeting shapes and shadows. Fog darted in and around the corners and valleys, only to last a few seconds before transforming into another formation. It was reminiscent of apparitions floating around the hills. Perhaps these were the spirits of those that walked these badlands before us, allowed to roam again for a short time.

This project was published in the 2019 Lenswork "Seeing in Sixes" book.