Nature First Photography Logo

I am proud to be one of the founding members of Nature First: The Alliance for Responsible Nature Photography. A few years ago, myself, along with a group of Colorado Photographers witnessed some concerning trends in the wilderness. We gathered to come up with a set of principles for photographers to follow to help keep our wild places clean, un-damaged and safe for many future generations of the photographers and nature lovers to enjoy. To see what Nature First is all about, please visit the link above and considering joining (it's free!) to show your support for our wilderness that we all enjoy visiting and photographing.

Nature First Principles

  1. Prioritize the well-being of nature over photography.
  2. Educate yourself about the places you photograph.
  3. Educate yourself about the places you photograph.
  4. Use discretion if sharing locations.
  5. Know and follow rules and regulations.
  6. Always follow Leave No Trace principles and strive to leave places better than you found them.
  7. Actively promote and educate others about these principles.

Slow Photography Movement Logo

I'm excited to be a contributor for the Slow Photography Movement. Slow Photography encourages a more deliberate approach, celebrates connections with Nature and explores creativity within the landscape and subjects we photograph. I occasionally contribute written articles (click here to view my articles) and collaborate with others to celebrate this creative movement. Visit the Slow Photography Movement website by using the link above. Here, you'll see what Slow Photography is about and be able to explore how other photographers practice slow photography and incorporate it into their experiences photographing the landscape.