About Jennifer

"I explore the landscape to connect with Nature, observe the details and moments from behind my lens to create, share, and celebrate this amazing planet we are fortunate to call home."

My love affair and fascination with nature started at a very young age, and it was during this time, I developed an innate curiosity about the natural world around me. I usually had my nose buried in books about the ocean, rocks, or animals growing up, eager to learn anything I could. Before diving into the world of nature photography, I received my degree in Geology and then switched gears into Veterinary Medicine for 14 years. During my college years studying geology, I was introduced to the American West and its mountains and immediately fell in love. Every chance I could conceive, I traveled west and picked up a camera along the way to capture the rugged landscapes to share with others and admire from my home in the Midwest. After some soul searching, I took the plunge into full-time photography four years ago and moved out west. I haven't looked back since, now enjoying my new creative freedoms with a camera in hand.

I am now based in Colorado but travel full-time in a travel trailer with my partner David Kingham teaching photography workshops, exploring and photographing the American West. I extend my photography passion to students by teaching visual storytelling, how to slow down in the field to connect with their subjects from behind their lenses, and how to express themselves through their imagery.

While I enjoy photographing landscapes, my real passion is focusing on the smaller details in those landscapes. Every grand landscape has many stories and nuances that make up the larger landscape, and each of these moments deserves to be shared. I enjoy practicing slow photography, visual storytelling, and expressing my emotions through my imagery. Whether I'm photographing dolphins in the ocean or positioned over a natural abstract in the desert, my goal is the same; I strive to make compelling photos that not only trigger emotions and feelings but, more importantly, help bring awareness to the inspiring but delicate natural world we live in.

My photography has been featured in National Geographic's online story "Underwater Beauty" (May 2, 2018), Outdoor Photographer, Landscape Photography Magazine, Lenswork Magazine, the Lenswork : "Seeing in Sixes" books, and Lenswork's "Our Magnificent Planet" book. I am also a staff contributor for the Slow Photography Movement and a founding member of the Nature First: The Alliance for Responsible Nature Photography. I'm co-owner of the Nature Photographer's Network and a contributor for National Geographic's "Your Shot" Instagram account.