Yellowstone National Park

I first visited Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming as a college student working on my geology degree, and I fell in love at first sight. If you were to ask me which National Park was my favorite to photograph in, it would be Yellowstone. Over my years and years of visits, I've connected with the park, and during each visit, the connection runs deeper. I visit the park many times each year, and I always feel like I'm visiting an old friend. With the steam, the colors from the thermophiles (heat-loving bacteria) around the thermal features, and with the geysers, it feels like I've stepped back in time to a more primitive Earth. Each geyser basin has unique thermal features to photograph, and every visit reveals something new as the landscapes in the basins are continually changing and evolving. I've been fortunate enough to photograph Yellowstone during all four seasons, and in this gallery, you'll find photographs from my wanderings in this strange and enchanting landscape.