January 3rd

Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

Even though the grandeur of mountain peaks currently surrounds me, I wanted to take some time for the quieter scenes this morning. There was beautiful soft light with the diffused sun through the clouds, and I headed down to the river to photograph the icy foliage. Steam floated above the river, and I got lost in these wintry, small scenes while fingers of steam danced through the landscape.

For me, taking photographs like this is akin to conversing with the scene. I photograph a frame, then stand back, take a few minutes to “listen” with my eyes, scanning the landscape before me. I’ll then make adjustments, follow what I’ve “heard” with my eyes, and this goes on for the next half hour, or, like this morning, until I can no longer feel my toes or fingers.
Photo © copyright by Jennifer Renwick.

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